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Welcome to the CAT/Air America Biography Project

Civil Air Transport and Air America and the many companies and organizations they supported and  worked with are an amazing part of the history of American involvement in Southeast Asia.  The purpose of these Biography pages is to provide biographical sketches of the men, women, their spouses, and children who served in Thailand, Laos, Viet Nam, and Cambodia.  In the future, as biographies are submitted, a list will appear below that will allow you to access biographical information as well as links to many other materials to include photos, films, documents, and much more.  

Here is the list of Civil Air Transport/Air America Biographies

To participate, please email the webmaster to add to biography project.  By providing this biographical information on you or a family member, you will be creating a record of service in Southeast Asia that you can share today and for many years and generations to come.  Please complete and submit the form linked above to have your information added to the Air America Biography Project.