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Air America Association Board of Directors:

President:  Bob Noble

Vice President:  Stan Kline

General Secretary, Board Member: Kay Merkel Boruff

Board Member/Treasurer:  Kathy Bruner

Board Member: Bart Jealous

Board Member: Maureen Bevans Ebersole

You can send email to all board members here: Email Board

Additional Association Contacts:

Membership Secretary: Lesa Densley

Air America Log Editor: Kathy Bruner

Website Manager:  Brian McCabe

Official Photographer:  Tony Coalson

Archive Chairman: Jesse Walton

Country Store Sales:  Bob Noble

Logo Protection and Control Committee:  Terry Bruner

Reunion Planning and Coordination Committee:  Kathy Bruner

Facebook Manager: Kay Merkel Boruff

Historian: Allen Cates

You can send email to everyone listed above here: Email All

For questions or comments about archive collections and materials, please send your inquiries to:

The Vietnam Center and Archive at Texas Tech University:  Steve Maxner

Special Collections Department at UTD:  Patrizia Nava