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In Remembrance of L. J. Broussard

From Frank Baity

It was with great sorrow that I read about the loss of Jason in the most resent AAM Log. I my view Jason was one of those colorful people that made AAM the legend it is.

When I came to AAM I was very young and impressionable and strongly influence by some of the people I met. Jason was one of those people that will always be in my memory, with his wit, firm hand shake, warm smile and ever present cigar he always had twinkle in his eye and loved life.

I am proud to have known him and memories of him will always enrich my life.

From Les Strouse in Bangkok

L. J. was one of the really good guys. I remember him well from Saigon. I send my condolences to the family. (submitted 9/5/2005)

AP story about the accident:

L. J. Broussard

Man Dies in Small Plane Crash in Near Blytheville
Tuesday September 06, 2005 9:45am

Blytheville (AP) - Authorities say a 74-year-old pilot died after his crop duster crashed at Blytheville's airport. The crash Monday afternoon occurred after L. J. Broussard had been spraying fields in Mississippi County.

Witnesses say the aircraft pulled up as it was landing, veered right and crashed. Airport officials say Broussard was an experienced pilot and had logged more than 25,000 hours of flight time.

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