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The Association has two classes of members. The classes are Regular and Associate. Each class may be awarded honorary memberships as directed by the Board. The designation of each class, eligibility and rights of the members of each class are as follows:

Regular class of membership is open to all former employees of the Pacific Corporation or one of its subsidiaries, with their spouse, or widow and children.

Associate class of membership is open to the employee’s other family members and former spouses. All persons in other organization that worked alongside us are eligible for associate membership. All associate members must be sponsored by a member who will vouch for their associate status.

Acceptance of Members: Acceptance for Regular and Associate membership requires approval by the Board of Directors. An affirmative vote by a majority of the Board of Directors shall be required for acceptance of Regular and Associate members. An applicant will be denied membership if their personal conduct is deemed by the Board of Directors to not be in the best interests of the Association or the United States. The Secretary of the Association is authorized to act in behalf of the Board on routine membership acceptance. Any person’s application whose qualifications are in doubt will be referred to the Board for approval.

Membership Voting Rights: Each regular member shall be entitled to one vote on each matter submitted to a vote of the membership. The member and spouse will each be privileged to vote. Children who are full dues paying members are entitled to one vote per member and one vote for their spouse. Widows, who pay the reduced dues of U.S. $15, are entitled to one vote. Associate members are not accorded voting privileges.

Annual Dues: The Board of Directors may determine from time to time the amount of annual dues payable to the Corporation by members of each class. The current dues are ...

Payment of Dues: Dues shall be paid on an annual basis. Payment of up to three (3) years in advance is allowed. A lifetime membership policy is not in effect.

Default on Dues and Termination of Membership: Membership voting privileges are suspended when dues are delinquent. Delinquent members will be placed on suspension for 30 days and if dues are not paid within this time span, the member will be deleted from the active membership rolls.

Termination of Membership: A majority vote of all members of the Board of Directors may suspend or expel a member for cause. The regular membership may override the decision of the Board by a two-thirds vote. Any member in default of the payment of dues will automatically be placed on suspension for 30 days. If the dues are not paid at the end of 30 days, a member will be placed on the Inactive Roster.

Reinstatement: A former member may be reinstated by submitting a signed, written request to the Secretary.

Transfer of Membership: Membership is not transferable or assignable.

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