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General Information Links:

A-1 Skyraider Site  The A-1 Skyraider was a powerful single engine attack airplane capable of carrying an extreme load. Many Air America crewmembers owe their life to the heroic actions of the pilots who flew the "Spad." This web site tells their story.

Aerofiles:  An Aviation History Site

Air Commandos Home Page  This site represents an organization formed during the Vietnam War by Air Force personnel who served in Jungle Jim, 4400 CCTS, and Air Commando units from all wars. It includes Special Operations Units, Speical Air Warfare Center, Combat Applications Groups, Project 404, Raven FACS, Combat Control Team, and all members who served with units equipped with various aircraft. The Air Commandos were affiliated with Air America during special project operations. The site is filled with ACA history and information about their reunions and membership.

Aircraft of Can Tho Airfield and the Mekong Delta

Area 51 Special Projects   We are the CIA, Air Force and CIA contractors who developed the U-2 and A-12 spy planes at Area 51 in Nevada.

CAT/Air America Archive Air America was actively involved with the war in Laos and Vietnam. Facts that may historians have overlooked. Proof of that involvement can be obtained at the CAT/Air America Archives held at the University of Texas at Dallas. The site provides a brief outline of what is contained there and who donated the materials. Included in this link are The History of Air America by Dr. Joe F. Leeker and The Aircraft of Air America by Dr. Joe F. Leeker

China Post 1


Civil Air Transport Fleet Images Site

EC-47 History Site

EMU Inc.  A link to the 135th Assault Helicopter Company, as well as to all Vietnam era Assault Helicopter Companies and Air Calvary Troops.

Lima Site 85 - Laos

Pigs Flew at Air America  John Deakin was a pilot with Air America. He left Air America and went to work for Japan Air Airlines. He is a feature writer for AVWEB. This is a very interesting and entertaining story. The address above only reflects one page. The user name is allencates. The password is flynow. Place it as shown exactly. The Avweb page has many interesting articles and information for aviation enthusiasts. To see all of the information go to and join.

Raven FACs  During the course of American history, there have been many covert military operations. None, however, reached the scope of intensity of the war in Laos during the Vietnam era. The bacbone of this war were the Raven-Forward Air Controllers (FACS) who flew small, slow propeller driven airplanes. The mission of the Raven was to support indigenous forces in Laos in their fight against invading forces from North Vietnam. This page talks about their history and their valor.

Roadrunners Internationale  Preserving the history of the aviation pioneers and programs that developed the U-2, A-12 and YF-12 during the Cold War.

Rudd's Classic Airliners   This site has many interesting photographs of DC-3's, C46's, and other aircraft.

Taiwan Vets Association  A patch is available for those that qualify from the Taiwan Vets Association.

Terry Wofford Aviation Artist   A link to Terry's website showing her artwork.  Terry is the wife of Bob Wofford.

The TLC Brotherhood stretched from across Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. We were civilians, military (all branches of service). We were pilots, mechanics, cooks, navigators, weathermen, drivers, security police, and more. We were on or over the front line, and we were the support personnel who made it possible.

USMC/Vietnam Helicopter Associations  A site dedicated to helicopter pilots and aircrew from the Vietnam War.  This site has a category for Air America photos in the "Visions of Vietnam" section under the Air America category.

Vietnam Archive at Texas Tech University  The Vietnam Archive at TTU is dedicated to preserving the records of the Wars in Southeast Asia from the perspectives of the men and women who served there.  The archive collects any and all materials related to the wars and is eager to receive materials that can be displayed in our museum, which should be constructed within the next five years.  In addition to physical collections, the Archive is also engaged in an Oral History Project in order to preserve the personal memories and recollections of the men and women who served throughout Southeast Asia.

Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Assocaition  This site is an on line museum honoring Vietnam helicopter pilots.  The site focuses on images and artifacts of the helicopter war in Southeast Asia.