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Newspaper Articles

          The following articles about CAT/Air America have appeared in newspapers in print and online.  If you know of a story not included below, please send the link to the webmaster.  Thank you.

The Pentagon Channel Blog 11/10/2010
Profiles of Heroism: CMSgt Richard Etchberger

Asia Times 9/22/2010
CIA skips on its Air America bills

AFIO Bulletin 9/14/2010
Member Commentary - Agency Drops the Ball on Air America - Again!, by Gary B. Bisson

2010 Reunion - Wilmington Star News 6/3/2010
CIA pilots’ missions kept secret until 1991

2010 Reunion - Raleigh News and Observer 6/4/2010      
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Idaho Statesman 4/26/2009
Nampa man who flew helicopters in Vietnam is finally getting recognition
by Kathleen Kreller

Florida Today: September 5, 2007
Adventurous couple recall their CIA days

Florida Today:  July 27, 2007
Air America unveils heroism:  Employees part of secret operation U.S. used to combat communism

CIA honors Reno pilot for role in 'secret war'

Washington Post:  July 22, 2007
Finally, Public Honors for a Long-Secret Victory 

New York Daily News:  May 29, 2007
Honors for war pilot lost in bureaucracy

Department of Defense Public Affairs Office:  May 25, 2007
Earthquake McGovern Remains Found and Returned Home

Raleigh News and Observer:  May 13, 2007
The Greatest Pilot We Never Saw (About Jim Rhyne)

Dallas Morning News:  February 4, 2007
Pilot killed in '54, other air heroes honored:  UTD library collection dedicated to Civil Air Transport casualties (link missing)

CNN:  October 19, 2006
Legendary pilot 'Earthquake McGoon' heads home

Legendary pilot 'Earthquake McGoon' heads home

Florida Today May 14, 2006
Air America Fights New Foe: CIA-run crews demand military recognition, civil service benefits

Two Articles in the Bangkok Post on July 24, 2005

     - Foundation put in Legal and Financial Bind

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