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Alexander, Jim, Air America®

Aplaon, Ramon, Air America®, Ground Crew, 1964-1969

Baker, James L., CAT/Air America® Operations Manager, 1962-1965

Crotty, Bart, Air Asia Co. Ltd., 1965-68, Tainan Taiwan and Air America®, temporary assignments 1966-7, Saigon, Vietnam

Gaines, Robert W., Helicopter Pilot, Air America®, Saigon, 1973

Griffith, Charles, Civil Air Transport - Assistant Station Manager, Hong Kong 1961-1967

Lorence, Carl E.Air America®, Udorn-Thani, Thailand - March - October 1961, H-34; 93rd/121st Soc Trang, RVN - October 1962 - October 1963, H-21; 205th ASHC Phu Loi, RVN - April 1967 - April 1968 - CH-47. 


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