D. Larry Fraser - 76                          


In Remembrance of D. Larry Fraser - 76

Larry Fraser passed away on Saturday, December 31 in Montana. Larry flew R/W as Captain in Udorn, Thailand from August 1968 until December 1972. He is survived by his wife Tong who lives in Florida and son David who lives in Virginia and a sister who lives in Montana.

Reported by Steve Stevens

Everyone, I am truly sad to say that my father passed away yesterday. Many of you came to visit him while at home, and reminisced about Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Air America®, the US Customs, the Forest Service, the Naval Academy, college, high school, your childhood, and many other things. I read him each and every email/text you all sent me over the last month and I know he really appreciated it. Many of them told me of past stories of your adventures with my dad that made him laugh and very happy. These stories made me think of an idea I hope each and everyone one of you can help me with. Please go to his facebook page and post a story (or many if you would like) that you can remember that you had with him…..any story….funny, sad, crazy but true, etc. My family and I would love to hear them during this difficult time. Here is his facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dlarry.fraser

Submitted by Dave Frazer

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