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In Remembrance of Ray Shourds - 85

Ray Shourds passed away on December 6th at the age of 85. We always said that those years in the 60's in Bangkok were the best years of our lives. After we came back, Ray went to work for Pan Am and I joined Eastern --- both going out of business eventually! Anyway, over the years we thoroughly enjoyed traveling the world. Ray is survived by his wife, Lynda, children Chris, Lisa, Jeff and Steve, six grandchildren, two great grandchildren, nieces, nephews, two aunts, three brothers, and a sister. The funeral mass was held in St. Augustine, Florida, since we recently moved here.

Ray was airport manager for CAT in Bangkok. The staff there handled all of the Air America® flights as well as the CAT flights.

Ray grew up in Marshall, MN, worked in the Control Tower during his Navy years and then went to Washington, DC, where he worked for Eastern Airlines. He attended Georgetown University, majoring in International Transportation. He and Lynda met in Washington while both were working for Eastern. After he graduated from Georgetown, he left for Taiwan and then Bangkok. Lynda and their children joined him three months later.

Submitted by Lynda Shourds

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