George William( Bill) LeCount - passed away on October 1, 2018. Bill was born on October 21,1938 in Pierre, South Dakota. He was in the Air Force from 1959-1964.Then,flew for Air America® and Continental Air Services in Vientiane Laos and Saigon from 1964-1969. He retired from Pacific Southwest Airlines in 1980 and moved from California to Florida to fish and socialize! He dove with Henry Taylor for sunken treasures and then moved to Webster, South Dakota for pheasant hunting and more fishing. He moved home to Billings, Montana, when his health began to fail to be near family. The friendships he made all over the world were very important to him. He shared lots of great stories with his family and friends in Montana; he was quite the adventurer! We think of him every day and miss him!

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