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Good afternoon: I am Karen Weissenback Moen, widow of AFS Edward Weissenback, who along with Capt. Ritter, FO Townley, and AFD Khamphanh Saysongkham, remains listed as MIA (AA #293 crash).

The American families are interested in trying to locate the family of Mr. Khamphanh Saysongkham, who we believe was a Thai national. We may have news to share with them within the next year or two. We are wondering if there is a way to put a notice on the Air America website and/or in the next newsletter that we are trying to locate the family of Mr. Khamphanh Saysongkham and, if whereabouts are known, to please contact either Phillipe Ritter or me. Working through the Air American Association may offer the best chance of trying to locate Mr. Saysongkham's family members.


Thank you for considering our request. Karen Moen () and Phillipe Ritter ()

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