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Our Air America Store is now on-line (see link on the top right corner of our Web Pages).
We started with a bang and six orders for Merchandise were sold, which included hats, shirts, coins, license plate holders, pins and
decals. The store began operating on Sunday, August 13, and orders were mailed on Monday.
We were thrilled! Many thanks to Steve Maxner for working day and night to set this up.
Bob and Meri Noble
Fulfillment Center Volunteers

All colleagues are invited to attend Paul Allen's Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum, on September 23rd, 3407 109th St. SW, Everett, WA 98204 from 10:00am to 2:00pm. to celebrate their Vietnam Day. We will be showing the film "Birds of a Feather" and Bob Noble will have a question and answer period afterwards.
The Sheriff of Snohomish County will be bringing their 500P quiet helicopter for display. This is the helicopter that helped tap the phone lines in North Vietnam in 1972. Allen Cates, from Louisiana, who flew this machine in California practicing for a mission, will also be in attendance. Air America apparel and collectibles will be on sale at this event.
Afterwards, an early dinner will be held at Zab Thai, 11108 Evergreen Way, Ste. A, Everett, WA 98204. Please let us know if you can attend.

We are looking forward to seeing you and catching up on great memories and news.

Bob and Meri Noble
(253) 514-8879


Paul Oelkrug, CA retires from University of Texas at Dallas, McDermott Library

Paul Oelkrug served the Special Collections and Archives Division at the Eugene McDermott Library since 2002 as a processing archivist. In 2005 he was named Senior Curator of the Department. In 2004 he received his certification through the Academy of Certified Archivists (ACA). Paul is also a member of the Society of Southwest Archivist (SSA) and Society of American Archivist (SAA) and the Texas Library Association (TLA).

A native of New Jersey, Paul moved to Texas later in life. He earned a degree in History and Master of Arts degree in Public History with an Archival Administration Certificate at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA).

Paul was named Coordinator of the Special Collections Department at McDermott Library in 2007 replacing Dr. Erik Carlson. Paul and his staff organized and guided the CIA symposium about Air America in April 2009. He also participated in the televised 9/11 panels of pilots and air traffic controllers who provided first-hand accounts of September 11, 2001.

In 2011, he was a co-recipient of the Ethel Ward McLemore Award for Library Excellence.
Over this distinguished career, Paul Oelkrug has been a good friend to the CAT and Air America Associations. His knowledgeable, supportive and professional ability was well received and appreciated by all association members and other historical researchers.

CAT & Air America are pleased to see Patrizia Nava, CA as the Curator of Aviation Archives, which includes the Civil Air Transport and Air America Archives. Since Paul’s retirement in late 2016, the organizational structure of the department was reorganized and Ms. Nava now directly reports to the Dean of Libraries, Dr. Ellen Safley. Ms. Nava has accompanied Paul to the last several of our reunions, and thus is now deemed our friend and Honorary Associate Member.

After giving these many years of service to the State of Texas, UT Dallas, Eugene McDermott Library, History of Aviation Collections, CAT and Air America, Paul Oelkrug stays close to his friends and associates from his home in Carrollton, TX. He is a personal friend, and I hope we will see him again at a future reunion.

Submitted by Mike Kandt on 8/12/2017


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Items of special interest: 

CIA Citations, Commemorative Medallion, and Postal Cachet

Order Copies of Citations, Medallions, and Postal Cachets


You can now listen to and read transcripts of Air America Oral History Interviews online here: Air America Oral History Project. In addition to information about online transcripts and ongoing interviews, you can also find out how you can participate in this project. Air America employees and their family members are all welcome to participate. All interviews are preserved as part of the Air America Association Collection at the Vietnam Center and Archive at Texas Tech University and are made available to researchers around the world through the Virtual Vietnam Archive. We hope you will participate in this project to preserve the history of Air America so our nation learns about your service and sacrifice through the voices of those who were there. If you are interested in participating, please contact Thank you.

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