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Air America Historical Colletions

People interested in conducting research into the history of Air America and learning more about the role of Air America in Laos and Vietnam during the Vietnam War should explore the following archives and collections. They contain a wide range of primary and secondary source materials, much of it donated by the men and women of Air America. Some of the links below provide access to digitized archival materials that you can view online but for the collections at the University of Texas at Dallas and Texas Tech University, the online materials only represent a small percentage of their total documents. To see more of those documents, you can contact the archives and visit them where you can access all of their historical materials. In addition to the links to archive collections, you will also find a link to the Central Intelligence Agency's digital collection online, which includes declassified after-action reports, incident reports, aircraft accident reports, and more. Also, below are several studies from Dr. Joe Leeker who has conducted extensive archival research on Air America and provides that free here to interested researchers. If you have any questions about this page, feel free to contact the Air America Association at the email provided at the bottom of this page.

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